COVID-19 has caused education disruptions and prolonged school closures all around the world, which affected 90% of the world’s student population and led most countries to think about alternative ways of providing education to ensure that learning never stops1 . Keeping education continuity in mind, most countries rushed to online distance education using online platforms, e-learning, and ICTs, which set off an unplanned and rapid shift in the education sector, opened the door to many opportunities, highlighted existing and new disparities and gave rise to several challenges.
          In that period, starting education after pandemic, the teachers and school managers will have to control the stress and provide relaxing in their classrooms and schools.

♦To avoid stress and control management and relaxing when education starts after worldwide pandemic situation
♦ To direct schools and teachers ICT and its benefits for future education systems
♦ To improve the quality of education even after this worldwide danger

         The course content will be about the situation of education in schools after pandemic. In the later years, these values are started to being added to the school curriculums as topics in the lessons and it is thought that this will be useful in the individual improvement of the students.
          So, the methodology for this course will be firstly the introduction of these values and added values to the participants, and we will talk about how can we integrate these issues to the school curriculums. Then, we will introduce the values and the social distancing and hygiene education to the participants, then the discussion of the topic will go on. We will firstly introduce the topics and the main issue, then we will discuss through the theoretical sessions.

Lectures, exercises, discussions, teamwork, role-playing, study visits

PROGRAM (Training activities):
• PPT slides
• Discussions
• Evaluating
• Sharing thoughts and ideas with the group
• Sightseeing and the school visits

         After confirming registration, participants will be informed about the details of the course (arrival, daily program). Participants will be able to introduce themselves and bring a few examples of routines and practices that they apply to their teaching.

– Hygiene
– Social distancing rules
– Control
– Stress Management
– The importance of continuation in education

Teachers who are participated in this course:

  • They will learn about the moral and the ethical values in European standards.
  • They will learn about the integration of these topics to the school curriculums.
  • They will gain experience about the relationship between these values and the individual movement and improvement of the students.
  • They will have the opportunity to discuss this issue with an experienced trainer and other teachers who are participated in the course.



  • The effects of Covid-19 disease and pandemic through the world
  • How is the education being affected from this pandemic?
  • Learning how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 and hygiene rules
    Coffee Break
  • Practising good hygieneself-isolation, and social (physical) distancing
  • Discussion


  • Mindfulness, meditation activities and exercises
  • Staggering the start and close of the school day
  • Moving classes to temporary spaces or outdoors
  • Staggering Mealtimes
  • The importance of being careful and taking precautions in this time
    Coffee Break
  • What steps has the school taken to help ensure the safety of students?
  • How will the school support the mental health of students and combat any stigma against people who have been sick?


  • How will the school refer children who may need referrals for specialized support?
  • What are the lessons learned from the challenges that faced education systems during the pandemic? How can we benefit from these lessons to shape the future of education?
  • What are the priorities that education systems should focus on when developing their plans and programs in the future?
    Coffee Break
  • What is Pedagogy 4.0?
  • How do we ensure that the scenarios envisaged for the future of education are more inclusive and bridge educational and learning gaps?


  • Low community spreads
  • Analyzing surveys about the effects of Covid-19 disease
    Coffee Break
  • Stop giving lessons in crammed classrooms and prevent both imported and locally transmitted infections.
  • The right usage of masks and adapt it into our daily lives


  • Schools should be raising awareness on hygiene and include this in the students’ learning
  • Cautious steps
  • Education about the seasonal flu, and the importance of this seasonal flu for differentiating it from the Covid-19
    Coffee Break
  • “Staying Home when you feel sick”, Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue (mask)
  • Enhance the quality of life and improve health.
  • Experience decreased tension.
  • Enjoy more energy during the day and restful sleep at night with the practice of meditation.

6th DAY

  • Releasing disturbing emotions and becoming emotionally free
  • Presenting the meaning of success and happiness
  • Understanding the Fight/Flight response (Stress response)
  • Effects on the brain and body
  • Effective ways of handling stress


  • Individualized response to stress
  • Relaxation visualizations
    Coffee Break
  • The principles of Healthy Relationships
  • Summary, course evaluation and closure
  • Discussion and overview of the course

CERTIFICATIONS: At the end of the course; Participants will take ”Certificate of Participant”, ”Europass Mobility Certificate”, ”Staff Mobility Agreement‘‘ and International Academy Invoice certificates.