E.C. Internatıonal Traınıng Academy

       Few professions have a more direct impact on the future than as managers, educators and decision makers of the future. Consider As teachers, trainers, educators and decision makers of the future who have influenced who you are and who you’re becoming. You can do that for students, youth and entrepreneurs to come – see their unique potential, challenge them to achieve it and cheer them when they do.
       Great managers, educators and decision makers of the future start by being great learners, and you will be one at ECITA. We offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs to prepare managers, teachers, educators, decision makers of the future, counselors, community college administrators and other education and entrepreneur leaders. This includes an innovative certificated program where you’ll earn one degree in education  and innovator in the field you want to teach.

       And as an ECITA participants, you’ll join an outstanding group of award-winning teachers, trainers, professionals, leaders and futurist – people who are making a difference in students’ youth’ and entrepreneurs’ lives and strengthening communities.

                       You will have a big share in creating the Next Generation of the World and Europe”.

        Whether you’re entering the classroom, professional field or to your social life area to teach or to learn, you should have a plan in mind. If you’re looking to teach, you’ll want to pursue a strong and varied professional program before your professional field  to prepare for your education studies. And if you want to teach at the high quality level, you should take any EDUCORE courses that are available in the area you want to teach.
         Edu Core International Training Instutie, that is an active company with a professional organizational background and long-standing tradition of organizing life-long learning mobility programs which were founded by a dynamic and experienced team with extensive expertise in both teacher training. It has been established in Education and it has been active in the adult education market since 2014. Erasmus+ courses for Teachers and Educational providers for the Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals, provided by Ecita International are in accordance with Education and Training 2020 strategic framework and can be fully funded by EU.
        We work in the field of educational material development, human resources, personal development, sales marketing programs, improvement of communication skills, gaining skills, etc.
         Our mission is to improve personal and professional competences of educational staff, raise attractiveness and prestige of the educational sector and enhance the overall quality of education through collaboration and innovation. Topics of our training courses directly respond to the current issues and requirements in the field of education and provide support not only for individuals but organizations as a whole.
        Our main goal is to provide comprehensive services on a professional level, ensuring our clients’ satisfaction.
        Our aim is to establish a link between public body organizations and private firms to enhance the quality of educational and training programs all around the World.
      Therefore, we can design custom courses according to specific needs and organize translations to other languages besides English.
         There is also a full social and cultural program to enable participants to take full advantage of their stay in one of the world’s major cities. We are organizing historical and touristic visits with international guides. We organize city tours and fun social activities.

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Erasmus +

___ ECITA education, consulting, training. Also we specialize in the preparation and implementation of both national and international projects. We act as a hosting partner and also participant for EU programs. Some of these examples fall under the old framework of Leonardo Da Vinci and the Youth in Action programs. This means we produce and organize European projects which also are approved and funded by the European Union. In this field ECITA provides quality consulting and organizational services. Furthermore, we advise institutions, corporations, non-profit organizations and others on the subject of European Programs, training modules and courses in formal and non-formal education for their clients or employees.___

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